Thursday, December 08, 2005


This is my blog, and welcome to it.

In the coming months until the giant alien cockroach lords take over, this blog will feature my random thoughts, theories, ways to battle giant cockroaches on a budget, and the occasional praise of Chicken in a Biscuit. Alien cockroach lords hate Chicken in a Biscuit.

I've recently changed careers, and by recently I mean four months ago. Since my first career as a journalist lasted longer than the Ming Dynasty, four months is nothin'. I'm now teaching journalism at Northwest Missouri State University in Maryville, Mo.

Changing careers is something I'd struggled with for years, and I now realize that a lot of people are "career numbed" like I was. So, if you're frustrated at work and don't know why, you may need a new job. Mr. CEO, how would you feel with the title “sandwich artist?”

You may need a career change if:

= You spend most of the day in the fetal position weeping.

= You encounter a co-worker in public and either: a) pretend like you don't see them, b) act like you're talking to someone on your cell phone, or c) push them to the ground and kick them until they stop screaming.

= To you, the word "proactive" means drinking in a bar all Tuesday afternoon.

= Your dreams about work involve explosions and giant alien cockroaches.

= You only "think outside the box" when the hot chick at work is out there naked.

= is your home page.

= Your Zoloft prescription is more vital to your daily wellbeing than food.

= You think of work at inappropriate times, like on a date, or while you're at work.

= You view the photocopier as a nemesis greater than Lex Luthor.

= The "no guns allowed in this building" poster next to the employee entrance makes you giggle.


Guy Hadsall said...

Welcome to Blog'spher! I expect great things my friend, you're late. Guy

Dave Lyon said...

Hey Jason!

What kind of crap is this? You say drop you an email to have our name removed from your mailings, but you don't give us an email address!

Congrats on the new book.