Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Why 'Poop's Funny'

A lot of people have asked me why the blog's called "Poop's Funny."
Well, there's a story behind that ...
When my oldest son was six, we played games in the car because it's hard to find a radio station that placates both of us. One of the games we play is The Story Game.
The Story Game goes like this: pick a genre like funny, scary, or his favorite, gross. Then you make up a story. When you're done, the next person tells his story, then you vote on whose story was best.
He always won.
One day, every story my son told ended with the protagonist covered in poop. He'd fall in poop. He'd have poop thrown at him. Or, he'd go to Poopzzi Hut and order a poop pizza and a glass of Poopsi.
After about four of these stories, I stopped him.
"Son," I said. "Why do all of your stories end up in poop?"
He thought for a second.
"Because," he said seriously. "Poop's funny."
You know, he's right.

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